10 Reasons to use Scalefusion Android Kiosk Software

6 min readApr 30, 2021
Scalefusion Android Kiosk Software Features

The usage of Android devices in almost all the enterprises across varied industries is significant, widely accepted and utilized for their minimal restriction open-code and gleaming assemblage of features. Android devices have lingered the enterprise environment with their low-cost mechanism and open level of customization that every developer looks for.

It is evident that these features have assembled the pillar of popularity for the Android devices backed by the statistics that almost 2.5 billion Android devices are used by the population worldwide. However, with the acceptance of operating systems with low-level security in the enterprise, the question that surrounds is, are Android devices enterprise-friendly? Without any doubt, the answer shall resonate a yes. With the Android Kiosk Software, it is. But what exactly is it?

What is Android Kiosk Software?

Android Kiosk software is turning your Android devices into a lockdown mechanism wherein it would enable the enterprise IT admin to gain remote access control of the devices and enable business-critical application only in a single-app mode or a pre-defined list of apps followed by the websites to be available for browsing. With the enablement of the Android Kiosk mode, the entire device settings and functionalities like custom branding, notification bar, and locking down of hardware button functions could be restricted to enterprise requirement standards. With the deployment of Enterprise-owned Android tablets and smartphones as Information kiosks in different sectors, it becomes a mandate to lock down the devices into Kiosk mode for eliminating the concerns related to security and averting the on-field end-users from attracting any distractions while enhancing their productivity as well as the user experiences.

Scalefusion MDM and Android Kiosk for Enterprises:

Researching and implementing a dedicated, efficient, and cost-friendly Android Kiosk for your enterprise-owned Android smartphones, tablets, and rugged devices using an MDM is a daunting task but it is one of the most reliable options for enterprises in any sector. The MDM solution of Scalefusion is the amalgamation of tools in form of an Android Kiosk app package containing the most pertinent tools that could instill security, productivity, and yield goodwill from your customers in the simplest manner. No matter how many devices you want to deploy, with the wide range of features and tools available in the Scalefusion dashboard, the rapid over-the-air enrollment can fill the IT admins with desirable access control at ease.

These features would make you want to enroll your devices into the MDM solution of Scalefusion as your next Android Kiosk software:

  1. Kiosk Browser management

Unnecessary browsing of websites for personal purposes in the organization-owned deployed Android device could cost a fortune for the enterprises due to data overages. With Scalefusion Kiosk browser management, the IT admins could blacklist non-business critical related websites and configure the browser settings for an added layer of security.

2. Eva Messenger — The team communication suite

There is always a possibility of circumstance when the IT admins are in a need to broadcast a specific message to all the deployed Android devices at the same time. With the help of the Eva communication suite, the IT admins can create, upload, and publish all the contact users of enrolled devices and share encrypted messages, voice recordings, as well as documents over a broadcast message to a grouped channel or a closed group contact.

3. Remote Troubleshooting

Monitor the deployed Android devices in real-time remotely and save time and costs of physically analyzing and troubleshooting the unattended Kiosks. Cast the screen for monitoring the issue remotely in real-time and let the IT admins analyze the issue through the Scalefusion dashboard. The IT admins can then monitor and capture the recordings and screenshots to make an informed resolution for the end-users and seamlessly make the Kiosk device up and running.

4. Application Management

With the help of the Application Management in the Scalefusion dashboard, the IT admins can drive employee productivity to the next level. The MDM solution can allow the administrator to deploy business-critical applications remotely and push them into several devices’ profiles in a single go while and before locking down the organization-owned Android device into Kiosk mode. The IT admins also have the ability to configure and update the applications as per their authorization over the air and push them into the devices seamlessly through the Scalefusion dashboard. The IT admins can also blacklist/whitelist the dedicated apps that are necessary to be accessed by the employees as per their operational input and output expectations.

5. Scafusion Peripheral Kiosk administration

With the wide range of features available in Android Kiosk lockdown through the Scalefusion dashboard, the IT admins are now accessible to configure the hardware device settings remotely even when the device is locked down into kiosk mode. The IT admins can now remotely configure a varied set of settings including screen display such as brightness to be kept low or high or auto-lock screen mode to be stayed on or off and after what time period to push the notification of waking up the screen etc. The IT admins can gain entire access control of all the hardware buttons specific to the devices and enable or disable their functionality remotely.

6. Remote Wipe

There can be circumstances when the organization-owned Android device is lost or is stolen and that might be a nightmare for any enterprise to find an option of mitigating the risk of leakage of organizational data security. With the Scalefusion dashboard, the IT admins can perform a remote wipe of the Android device and protect the corporate data lying on it from misuse.

7. Content management

With the ease of Content Management, the IT admins can now remotely push and upload, edit, publish, or even delete business-related documents and data on different Android device profiles present in the Scalefusion dashboard. With the installation of the File Dock app, media files, business resources and other business-critical documents can be pushed and be made visible on selected Android devices.

8. Live Location tracking

With the enforcement of location-based settings, the IT admins can now monitor the live location and keep a track of all the enterprise-owned Android devices. The live location can be traced through the Scalefusion dashboard while ensuring the devices deployed to the front-line workers at a stipulated location.

9. DeepDive analytics

DeepDive Android Device analytics of Scalefusion Dashboard allows the IT admins to monitor the deployed Kiosk device’s general health and offers precise and real-time visibility of device inventory. DeepDive analytics also offers real-time reports aligning to all the security compliances of all the enrolled devices along with the data usage control through an intelligent interface for the organization to make an allocated decision on operational efficiency.

10. Geofencing

Geofencing is one of the powerful virtual location barrier features that enable the IT admins to create a radius of boundary for specified on-field device profiles and enable them to receive a notification in case the device moves out or leaves the geofence boundary.

Closing lines…

With the wide acceptance of Android devices by Enterprises across the varied industry, Scalefusion Android Kiosk app Lockdown Software could be one of the best suitable and efficient business apps that could allow you to gain access control of all your organization-owned Android deployed devices and restrict the end-user to business-critical function ability to scoop the productivity and satisfy the customers. Scalefusion can be widely accepted and used in varied use cases depending on the operational efficiency of your organization that can securely and efficiently allow you to administer and monitor your Kiosk Android devices from the eye of the IT admins.




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