10 Ways Mobile Device Management can Help your School

3 min readSep 4, 2020
MDM advantages in Schools

Mobile device management is critical for schools that have embraced mobility and digital learning, within as well as outside the classroom. In the era of remote learning, schools have to ensure that the devices extended to the students are running perfectly well for ensuring continuity to education while also making sure that the devices have educational content and resources available. Moreover, the need to create a secure digital environment for kids and students for K-12 is critical to parents as well as educators, especially when the device usage is going to be heavy and highly unmonitored physically.

This is exactly what can overwhelm the school IT admins and they turn to mobile device management for managing the devices, resources, access and content used by students for learning- within and outside the school. Here are 10 ways how MDM for Education can help schools:

1. Ease of enrollment and provisioning

A typical school has more than 100 students that have devices that need to be configured for education. Mobile device management for schools ensures that the IT does not have to individually provision these devices but can instead provision them straight out of the box with modern enrollment methods such as Android Zero-touch, Apple School Manager and Windows Autopilot.

2. Offering educational resource

The educational curriculum needs to be fresh and up-to-date and with mobile device management for education, schools can push the latest content, assignment work, class notes, etc with ease on the devices for students to access them anytime.

3. Pushing apps for eLearning

Today there are several intuitive apps available for enhancing the learning experience and making learning fun. From programming, geography, STEM and languages, these apps can be immensely useful for engaging students. With a school MDM, apps can be pushed on the student devices remotely, can be configured and updated for best performance.

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4. Adding content and profanity filters

It is important to consider the risks of having the world of the internet open to the kids, especially the younger ones. With an MDM solution, Schools can add web filters, block entertainment apps, games and websites that are not age-appropriate.

5. Enabling a secure connection to the internet

Schools can couple student devices with Android LTE hotspot devices and can automatically push internet connections. Schools can also push WiFi connections and digital certificates to authenticate the devices when students enter the school premises.

6. Ensure security

School IT admins can push security configurations, enforce passwords for access control and conduct periodic security checks to maintain the security of student devices and privacy to student data.

7. Maintaining device performance

With an MDM solution, school IT can ensure the devices are up and running at all times by extending remote troubleshooting as well as automated checks for security and compliance. Schools can also send alerts on the devices when the data /battery/storage is low and also mirror device screens when the devices run into an error.

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8. Make way for BYOD

One of the key benefits of mobile device management for schools is that schools can encourage the students to use their personal devices for learning and provision them with school resources remotely. The privacy of the students’ personal data is intact and so is the user experience.

9. Enable device sharing

With geolocation or schedule-based profile switch, the same device can be used by multiple students- in the family or in the classroom. Each student can use their specific log in information and access their container of apps and classwork using a school MDM.

10. Monitor device inventory

The MDM dashboard can help IT admins keep a track of device vitals, generate usage reports for data, apps, track location and maintain an overall grip on the device inventory.

Providing intuitive learning is the key challenge for schools that want to ensure students do not miss out on any learning opportunities. With an MDM software, this is possible!




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