Interpersonal Communication

On a range of one to five, managers rank interpersonal communication at 4.3⁷¹. It is attributed nearly as high as good ‘teamwork’. T.E.A.M stands for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. But, for this to actually work- good communication is a must. In the following article, we would be drawing out an analysis of what entails interpersonal communication definition and how does it help an organization:

What Is Interpersonal Communication?

MDM advantages in Schools

Mobile device management is critical for schools that have embraced mobility and digital learning, within as well as outside the classroom. In the era of remote learning, schools have to ensure that the devices extended to the students are running perfectly well for ensuring continuity to education while also making sure that the devices have educational content and resources available. Moreover, the need to create a secure digital environment for kids and students for K-12 is critical to parents as well as educators, especially when the device usage is going to be heavy and highly unmonitored physically.

This is exactly…

Install Android Apps remotely from Google Play Store

Remote application management is critical for enterprises that have a well-integrated mobility strategy. With remote working and the increasing number of frontline employees, managing applications on devices used by employees on corporate as well as personal devices is critical. To install Android Apps from Google Play Store remotely, enterprise IT admins can seek the help of a mobile device management tool.

On the corporate-owned devices, these apps are installed on the devices on the selected launcher whereas on the employee-owned devices, the apps are installed within the work container.

In this article, let us explore the step by step process…

Lockdown Browser Software for Android, iOS, Windows & Mac

Lockdown Browser Software is critical for use-cases where browsing is performed on shared devices- in enterprises, in classrooms, or public areas such as airports, hotel lobbies, lounges at transport hubs, public libraries, universities, and waiting areas. The browser lockdown mode enables the devices to be locked to browser-only functionality and the device- a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a computer cannot double up for any other purposes.

Why is Lockdown Browser Software important?

Browsing and internet access, although critical to workforce productivity in several ways, can be incrementally distracting, not to mention the security threat they open up. Especially when the browsing happens outside the…

Android Lockdown Mode

Android lockdown mode involves configuring the Android devices used for work into a business-only mode. Essentially, these devices are locked down to business applications and the end-user can make use of the device in a restricted environment. This is achieved with the help of a Kiosk Lockdown Software.

When enterprises choose to go the mobility route, the top concerns include:

  • Data and device security threats caused due to app downloads and browsing access
  • Data security jeopardized due to file and media sharing over USB, Bluetooth or any other communication app
  • Employee distractions caused by the entertainment and personal apps available…

What is Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

Windows 10 kiosk mode has multiple industrial use cases that effectuate self-service processes, enhance customer experience, improves data security, and increases employee productivity at large. Several organizations across the world are using Windows 10 devices and some of the most prominent industries are computer software, IT services, healthcare, education, government and financial services. Powered with multiple benefits such as universality, enhanced data security, Cortana assistant, identity management, scalability and flexibility, Windows 10 devices are being rapidly adopted by SMBs as well as larger organizations.

What is Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

Lockdown of Windows 10 devices into kiosk mode using kiosk software is a way that enables…

Instant messaging apps have reinvented the way we communicate with the world today. Either for casual conversations or for exchange of business information, mobile apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn messaging, Telegram, Facetime, etc. have made a strong presence.

The financial companies should rethink their communication methods

But the growing number of communication platforms and apps brings in innumerable available options to choose from, which sometimes becomes baffling as well as complicated, especially in a business scenario. Employees using varied communication tools to communicate with the teams, admins, and managers add an extra layer of complexity for companies. Especially, the banking and finance industry is getting a…

Instant messaging app for Business

The instant messaging app is an essential feature in this hyper-connected world, communication has a multi-fold meaning. Especially in an enterprise or business environment, communication is of utmost importance to get things done, faster. More and more business activities and tasks are interdependent and the teams need to be close and intimate to effectively collaborate. But at the same time, the modern workforce prefers flexibility and the ability to remotely work and connect.

importance of business communication

“I don’t like clear communication” said no one ever! Communication has always been a key to efficient collaboration and driving targeted-oriented missions in any business. Up until the last decade though, the communication for work or business was confined to face to face or email-based communication. While this created a lot of process latency, the chances of improper interpretation or miscommunication were fairly less. So although the importance of business communication was well-known and accepted, the conventional means of communication left little choice to scale it to something extraordinary.

What is a Kiosk Application

What is a Kiosk Application

A kiosk application is used to turn your usual mobile devices, handheld endpoints and digital signages into kiosks running only the apps and websites that are whitelisted by the company IT admin. When your mobile devices or other endpoints like tablets, laptops, PCs or digital signages, iPhone, iPads are locked down using a kiosk application, the user/employee/visitor can perform only a limited/allowed activity on the devices like browsing only whitelisted websites and accessing only the whitelisted apps.

[Announcement : Scalefusion introduced Oneteam- a free communication and instant messaging tool built for teams. …


Scalefusion Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a powerful and scalable platform to manage Android, iOS, macOS & Windows 10 devices.

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