How to install Android Apps from Google Play Store Remotely

3 min readAug 11, 2020
Install Android Apps remotely from Google Play Store

Remote application management is critical for enterprises that have a well-integrated mobility strategy. With remote working and the increasing number of frontline employees, managing applications on devices used by employees on corporate as well as personal devices is critical. To install Android Apps from Google Play Store remotely, enterprise IT admins can seek the help of a mobile device management tool.

On the corporate-owned devices, these apps are installed on the devices on the selected launcher whereas on the employee-owned devices, the apps are installed within the work container.

In this article, let us explore the step by step process to install Android apps from the Google Play Store from a remote dashboard.

Step 1

Signup and login on Scalefusion. You can opt for a single sign on using GSuite, Office 365 or Okta account credentials and get started with a click. Once you are , you can start enrolling your devices on the dashboard. This can be done using Android Zero Touch for Afw or Android enterprise devices or you can choose to enroll your devices using any one of the enrollment methods available. You can also enroll BYO/employee-owned devices on the Scalefusion dashboard. Once you have enrolled the devices, create a device policy on the Device Profile section.

Step 2

Navigate to the Enterprise section of the Scalefusion dashboard. This is the list of apps that are available for installation on your remote devices.

Step 3

Select Play for Work apps option. You can search for apps that you want to install on the device. Let us for example, choose Google Chrome app as an example.

Step 4

Select and approve the app. You can also check out the approval preferences for app related permissions. You can keep approvals when app requests new permissions or revoke app approval when new permissions are requested.

Step 5

Now you can either publish the apps right away on the device or choose to configure the application. App config is available for select apps. You can create app configurations to have granular control over the app.

Step 6

Now you can publish the app on devices, device group or device profiles. This app will be auto-approved on the device profile and can be updated or uninstalled anytime.

Installing apps on remote devices using Google Play Store is quick and easy using Scalefusion Application management.




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