What is MDM App Android?

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What is MDM app Android

What is MDM app Android?

The MDM app Android help drive the mobility of businesses through a single cloud-based console. With an intuitive Android MDM solution, IT can manage Android devices in an enterprise environment deployed for various business use-cases. Scalefusion MDM app Android offers an easy-to-use dashboard to manage company-owned, company-shared as well as BYO devices. IT teams can gain granular control over the devices deployed for work, can publish enterprise apps and resources and facilitate a perimeter-less workforce.

Scalefusion supports device management for Android devices Android 4.0.3 to Android 7.0.x for Legacy Management, Android 6 and above for Android Enterprise (Device Owner). Scalefusion MDM app Android works on devices with configuration Android 4.0.3 to Android 7.0.x for Legacy Management (Device Admin) and Android 6 and above for Android Enterprise (Device Owner)

[Note : Please check also Oneteam by Scalefusion]

Scalefusion Android MDM app also extends OEM specific support to Samsung Devices with Samsung Knox SDK, Sony Devices with Sony SDK, Wingman App Supported devices like Lenovo, iBall, Nokia as well as Rooted Devices.

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The MDM app Android mitigates the challenges faced by the IT team while managing the device inventory across an organization.

Here’s what IT admins can achieve with the help of Scalefusion Android MDM:

  • Over the air enrollment for devices with Google Zero-touch enrollment
  • Enforce security policies and passcodes, disable hardware buttons
  • Push email, exchange and network settings
  • Whitelist websites and applications
  • Publish enterprise applications
  • Share content and presentations, Sync files with devices
  • Communicate over the air with VoIP calling and encrypted messaging
  • Streamline device troubleshooting, cast device screens, remote control Samsung Knox devices and issues tickets by integrating an ITSM tool
  • Track location, apply geofences
  • Track device analytics and schedule compliance violation alerts
  • Schedule recurring tasks such as device reboot, lock/unlock, dynamic policy application
  • Extend user privacy by containerizing personal and work apps
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Scalefusion Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a powerful and scalable platform to manage Android, iOS, macOS & Windows 10 devices. https://scalefusion.com

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