What is Apple’s MDM Solution?

What is Apple’s MDM Solution

What is Apple MDM?

Apple MDM is a cloud-based device management system to streamline device deployment, enrollment, security and collaboration for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. Apple MDM solutions are available for iPads, iPhones and macOS devices used for business or education. These devices can be corporate-owned, corporate-shared or employee-owned. With Apple MDM solution, enterprises can manage their company-owned Apple devices as well as BYO (Bring your own) devices. Using an MDM for Apple devices, company IT can enforce security policies and distribute applications and content irrespective of device location.

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How to get started with Apple MDM?

Once the devices are supervised, they can be enrolled in Scalefusion Apple iOS MDM.

iOS as well as macOS devices can be enrolled into Scalefusion iOS MDM using Apple Business Manager.

What can IT do with Apple MDM?

  • Simplify bulk enrollment & policy application out of the box
  • Apply comprehensive policies
  • Push email and exchange settings
  • Whitelist and blacklist applications
  • Whitelist and blacklist websites
  • Publish enterprise applications
  • Push network configurations and security settings
  • Remotely cast device screens to troubleshoot issues with an ITSM tool
  • Communicate over the air with encrypted messaging & VoIP calling
  • Configure the device to run in a single-app mode
  • Publish content and presentations on devices
  • Schedule recurring tasks such as reboot, lock/unlock and dynamic policy application
  • Schedule alerts for battery compliance and data usage compliance
  • Manage BYO devices without compromising on user privacy

How to Enroll your iOS device into an iOS MDM solution

What can IT do with Apple macOS MDM?

  • Enroll bulk devices and apply policies out of the box with Apple DEP
  • Allow or restrict applications, set app preferences
  • Whitelist websites and enforce content filters
  • Apple curfews to limit device usage
  • Restrict media and sharing
  • Configure email and exchange settings
  • Manage employee-owned devices without compromising on user privacy

Manage Apple devices easily with Scalefusion Apple iOS MDM solution that accelerates the employee’s productivity while making use of the versatile capabilities of Apple devices.

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