What is Lockdown Browser Software?

4 min readAug 4, 2020
Lockdown Browser Software for Android, iOS, Windows & Mac

Lockdown Browser Software is critical for use-cases where browsing is performed on shared devices- in enterprises, in classrooms, or public areas such as airports, hotel lobbies, lounges at transport hubs, public libraries, universities, and waiting areas. The browser lockdown mode enables the devices to be locked to browser-only functionality and the device- a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a computer cannot double up for any other purposes.

Why is Lockdown Browser Software important?

Browsing and internet access, although critical to workforce productivity in several ways, can be incrementally distracting, not to mention the security threat they open up. Especially when the browsing happens outside the corporate network perimeters, configuring browser security is critical for enterprises to ensure that corporate data as well as employee data is not vulnerable to security attacks. Public browsers and kiosk browsers are especially prone to attacks which can lead to serious privacy infringement and online impersonation when multiple users log in to the same browser.

Browser lockdown mode brings the control of every browsing activity that happens on these kiosk browsers or devices locked to a browser application to the IT teams controlling the device. This enables to block any explicit content or website on the devices that can prove a security or privacy threat. And this can be achieved with the help of an appropriate lockdown browser software. Enabling only the browser on any device essentially makes it a browser device, but exercising control on the browsing activity makes it a wholesome browser lockdown mode.

It is important to understand that browser lockdown mode is different from browser configuration done on enterprise mobile devices. In browser configuration, IT admins make use of browser management software to control the above-listed settings whereas, in the browser lockdown mode, these settings are configured in addition to locking the device to a browser app.

A complete browser lockdown is a combination of:

  • A device locked to a single app- a browser app
  • The browser app locked into a single web page

This combination is widely seen in information kiosks or self-service kiosks or employee kiosks where a web page needs to be accessed to fill in any information.

This could be:

  • For driver devices filling in logistical information and data
  • Filling out delivery forms and receipts in last-mile delivery
  • Obtaining a boarding pass from a self-check-in kiosk
  • Filling out an online survey in restaurants

Lockdown Browser Software- the key to successful browser lockdown mode

When your Kiosk Software doubles up as a lockdown browser software, you can:

  • Lock the device to a browser in single app kiosk mode
  • Block all other applications on the device
  • Prevent app downloads and access to settings
  • Configure which websites are allowed to be accessed on the browser
  • Blacklist unknown websites that possess a threat to security
  • Configure browser behavior- launch URL, cookies and browsing history
  • Create website shortcuts and place them on device screens
  • Prevent password saving on shared browsers
  • Enforce incognito mode on browsing
  • Enforce browser to launch from root URL at all times
  • Push identity certificates for user authentication on employee devices

Scalefusion Lockdown Browser Software for Android

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  • Whitelist websites on Chrome and Scalefusion browser
  • Disable JavaScript API, Pop-Up windows, form auto-fill & third-party cookies
  • Enforce incognito mode
  • Force Google Safe Search & Safe Browsing
  • Enable leak detection for entered credentials
  • Disable browsing history, password manager, form auto-fill
  • Configure proxy settings
  • Block Web USB for certain websites
  • Disable proceeding from the Safe Browsing warning page

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Scalefusion Lockdown Browser Software for iOS

iOS kiosk Browser
  • Leverage browser lockdown with single app mode
  • Enable ProSurf- a dedicated browser for browser lockdown
  • Whitelist websites allowed on ProSurf or Safari browser
  • The control navigation bar and address bar
  • Enable/disable print, download actions
  • Enforce incognito mode
  • Prevent users from accessing browser settings
  • Configure cookie, javascript and popup settings for whitelisted websites

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Scalefusion Lockdown Browser Software for Windows

Windows Kiosk Browser
  • Configure Microsoft Kiosk Browser or Google Chrome Browser
  • Allow or block websites
  • Display/hide forward, back and address bar
  • Display/hide home button
  • Display/hide end session button
  • Display/hide session restart dialogue
  • Configure startup settings and home page
  • Allow/block bookmarks
  • Allow/Block pop-ups, javascript and flash plugins
  • Disable cookies, browsing history, password manager
  • Enforce incognito mode
  • Control network & proxy settings
  • Set default search engine
  • Allow/block printing

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Scalefusion Lockdown Browser Software for Mac

  • Block or allow websites for safari browser
  • Add content and profanity filtering and block access to adult websites
  • Add web-clips to dock

Configure Lockdown Browser Software on your enterprise devices and kiosks, get started with Scalefusion.




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