What is kiosk Software? Functions & Benefits of an Ideal Kiosk Software

2 min readJan 15, 2020
What is Kiosk Software

Remember those little tuck shops or small stores that popped outside of our schools when we were kids? Or the ones that sold newspapers and other utilities at the corner of the street? Or the ones that showed up at a local expo or an exhibition? In the conventional terms, a special-purpose station serving a very specific value or a customer base was called as a kiosk.

As the digital transformation took the world to ride the technology wave, the meaning of kiosk evolved and how! In modern terms, kiosks are units with digital devices serving a very specific business purpose.

These kiosk devices can be found everywhere:

  • An extension to retail store
  • In banks- as ATMs
  • As information centers, wayfinders in public places with large footprints
  • As digital photo printers
  • As web browsers in waiting areas
  • As digital signages
  • As self-operated vending machines

As businesses make use of Android technology to drive the operations of these kiosks, it becomes imperative to equip these kiosks with appropriate kiosk software. The software that drives the operations in a kiosk is known as a kiosk software.

Key functions of a Kiosk Software:

  • It locks the kiosk device to only business applications
  • It ensures that the kiosk cannot be accessed for any other purpose
  • The kiosk device is up and running at all times
  • The kiosk device, even if unattended is secure against misuse and unauthorized access
  • The kiosk device can be remotely updated and controlled
  • The kiosk device handling user data is configured to maintain user privacy for each session

Prime Benefits of Kiosk Software:

  • Automated service without human resources
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Interactive product display for better attention

Scalefusion Mobile Device Management extends its kiosk management feature to replicate the kiosk software capabilities through its user-friendly web-based dashboard. Explore the benefits of managing digital kiosks with Scalefusion!

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