Turning Android devices into Single App Kiosk Mode

6 min readMar 9, 2017
Lockdown Any Android device into Single app kiosk mode

Single App Android Kiosk Mode means to set an app as the default and make it run all time on the Android device. The application set as default takes over even if the device reboots /restarts. Thus, converting your Android smartphone or tablet or Android TV into a perfect kiosk. Single app mode can be enabled remotely from a web based portal. It can also be used at museums, banks, warehousing facilities etc.

With Scalefusion Android kiosk mode solution you can easily secure, control & manage multiple Android devices in Kiosk Mode.

What is Android Kiosk or Tablet Kiosk?

Android kiosks or Tablet kiosks are the most commonly used kiosk devices deployed for multiple use cases, especially the ones that require customer-facing operations. Android kiosks make use of versatile Android displays and the user-friendly Android functionality to drive customer attention, employee productivity and overall ease of operations. Android kiosks are deployed for a specific purpose and are often locked into single or multi-app mode. You can spot Android kiosks in places with large footprints such as museums, shopping malls and zoos serving the purpose of way finders. In the retail sector, Android kiosks are deployed for self-billing or as a digital signage for displaying inventory. In the healthcare sector, Android kiosks form a major component of patient care to check-in the new patients, access EHRs or as display screens for ventilators.

(To achieve this, steps to be followed that are mentioned below)

Here are few use-cases in different industries where we already have clients who use their Android devices in Single App Kiosk Mode.

Android Devices in Kiosk Mode

Restaurant Kiosks

At a restaurant, where the customers are given tablets such as Samsung, Lenovo or any other to browse the menu to place an order.The restaurant can choose to create their own app/website to run all the time on tablets. This will create an everlasting brand impression in the mind of the customer. Also, misuse of the device by the customer can be avoided.

Display Kiosks in Retail Store

In retail stores, Android devices are used in a much more intuitive way. The table displays information of the products and discount available online through the browser. This gives an idea to the customers about the new arrivals currently available in the store. Likewise, it also helps the owner of the store to keep their customers up to date with upcoming stuffs in the retail store.

Interactive Kiosks in Amusement Parks and Museums

Amusement parks maintain Interactive tablet kiosks that help in giving information to the customers about the types of rides, ticket prices, getting directions, etc. This improves the customer experience by serving the customers in a better, quicker and in an interactive way. This restrains the visitors from fiddling with the device settings or accessing any other app. This also makes sure that the devices are used for a specific purpose and helps in considerably reducing the maintenance efforts and cost for the devices.

Information Kiosks at Government Institutes

Tablets can be used as Information kiosks in a single app kiosk mode that contains useful information for the public on a particular topic. It keeps people focused on the content providing them with some quality information.

With Scalefusion, you can turn your Android devices into Kiosk Mode and perform all these activities. Scalefusion ensures that the devices are being used consistently, efficiently, and effectively for their intended purpose, and simplifies the working experience of the end-user.

To enable the single app kiosk mode on your Android device, firstly, you need to log into your Scalefusion account on the dashboard and install Scalefusion on your Android device and log into your device as well.

Follow the Steps to Enable Android Kiosk Mode (Single App Kiosk Mode)

On Device

  1. Launch Scalefusion on the device.
  2. Go to settings on the right-hand side, as shown in the image below.

3. Tap on Set Default Application in the Menu, as shown in the image below.

4. Next, select the application that will run all the time in the Single App Kiosk Mode and tap on save, as shown in the image below,

You have successfully set your device into Single App Kiosk Mode!!

To lock down your device(s) into Single App Kiosk Mode from the dashboard, please follow these simple steps given below,

On the Dashboard

  1. After you log into your Scalefusion account, click on Devices tab on the left sidebar.
  2. Click on VIEW DETAILS on the device you wish to set in Single App Kiosk Mode. as shown in the image below.

3. Now, click on the slider next Enable Application from the right-hand side panel to enable the application the device, as shown in the image below.

4. Then, click on the slider next to Set Default to set the selected application as a default application on the device, as shown in the image below.

5. Click on the slider next Run All the Time, this option will allow the selected app to run on the device without relaunching the app. (You can also enter the number of seconds as per your wish if you want some delay in launching the selected app.)

6. Now, click on Apply to save all the settings.

You have successfully set your Android device in Single App Kiosk Mode!!


It is important to remember that Single App Android Kiosk Mode runs only on one application. This approach is the easiest one that you can take, using your official application as a Launcher application is fairly simple and you can quickly get going without much trouble.

Resource : https://blog.scalefusion.com/turning-android-devices-single-app-kiosk-mode/

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