What is a Kiosk Application?

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What is a Kiosk Application

What is a Kiosk Application

A kiosk application is used to turn your usual mobile devices, handheld endpoints and digital signages into kiosks running only the apps and websites that are whitelisted by the company IT admin. When your mobile devices or other endpoints like tablets, laptops, PCs or digital signages, iPhone, iPads are locked down using a kiosk application, the user/employee/visitor can perform only a limited/allowed activity on the devices like browsing only whitelisted websites and accessing only the whitelisted apps.

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They will also not have any access to change the device settings or tamper with the device hardware buttons like the ones to control volume or camera. In certain cases, digital signages, laptops or tablets are used in retail stores and public places wherein they exhibit a single message/image in a loop — this is another example of using a kiosk application that prevents the user/employee to exit from the kiosk mode.

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In a business world where most organizations are dependent on mobile devices to carry on their day-to-day desk jobs as well as remote operations, it has become imperative to ensure that the corporate-owned devices are used for focused business purposes without being tampered with for personal/entertainment purpose. This is where a kiosk application can be put to use by turning the devices into kiosks by allowing access to specific apps/websites needed for work purposes only.

The rampant availability of internet, public apps and websites have added to the challenges faced by companies wherein their employees, especially the frontline or deskless executives, tend to misuse the mobile devices provided to them for work. Kiosk application ensures that the corporate-owned devices are free from any distractions and interventions. Devices locked down with a kiosk application cannot be used for any personal/entertainment purposes other than business. By locking down the devices with selected work apps, kiosk application offers the following benefits:

· Prohibits unauthorised access and misuse of device and data

· Promotes employee productivity

· Reduces distractions at work

· Increases productivity

· Enhances operational accuracy

· Fasten decision-making and time to market

· Limits excessive data usage

· Prevents security concerns from malicious apps and websites

· Remotely manage devices installed in different locations without manual intervention

· Set geo-fences and track location of kiosk devices used by a remote workforce in real time

· Remotely and silently publish, unpublish or update apps and content on the kiosk devices

· To push content like images and messages on digital signages to play in a loop

· Remotely lock devices or wipe data from devices when lost, stolen or misplaced

Devices locked with kiosk applications are pretty noticeable at public areas like airports, ATMs, banks, public waiting areas, hospitals, retail shops, malls, exhibitions, colleges, hotels and restaurants. Apart from that, companies’ frontline executives use handheld devices locked down with a kiosk application for work purposes and operational support.

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