What is Android Lockdown Mode?

3 min readJul 29, 2020
Android Lockdown Mode

Android lockdown mode involves configuring the Android devices used for work into a business-only mode. Essentially, these devices are locked down to business applications and the end-user can make use of the device in a restricted environment. This is achieved with the help of a Kiosk Lockdown Software.

When enterprises choose to go the mobility route, the top concerns include:

  • Data and device security threats caused due to app downloads and browsing access
  • Data security jeopardized due to file and media sharing over USB, Bluetooth or any other communication app
  • Employee distractions caused by the entertainment and personal apps available on the device

[Note : See How to turn your Android Device into Kiosk Mode]

With Android lockdown mode, the enterprise IT teams can easily combat these security threats as well as hindrances to employee productivity by locking down the Android devices to exclusively business operations.

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Android Lockdown Mode uses:

  • Locking the devices given to the enterprise employees to business-only apps
  • Locking down vehicle-mounted and Android-based ELDs
  • Locking down Android tablets and TVs to display ads, videos, and presentations
  • Locking down Android displays as wayfinders in museums, malls, zoos, etc
  • Locking frontline workers devices to business-specific operations
  • Locking down Android displays as self-service/customer-facing kiosks
  • Configuring the Android-based POS systems
  • Device lockdown for Android tablets used in schools

Lockdown Mode Android can be enabled by using a Kiosk Lockdown Software. This helps organizations to not only achieve device lockdown under total control but also facilitate business-specific operations on the device. Moreover, the remote working era and increasing need for digitalization of the frontline workforce has created a need for an enhanced security protocol for corporate data and devices that operate outside the secure corporate network.

Here’s how a Lockdown Software empowers enterprises to configure lockdown mode for Android devices:

  • The devices are enrolled in a kiosk tool.
  • The IT admins create a secure usage policy and apply it on the devices
  • Business apps and resources are pushed on the device
  • Devices are locked to a single or multi-app mode
  • Access control and password policies are implemented
  • Hardware buttons, navigation keys are restricted
  • Device UI is designed to reflect the company branding
  • Device location is tracked at all times
  • Automated checks and updates are performed for efficiency, compliance, and security

A Kiosk Lockdown Tool is essential to successfully launch Android lockdown mode. Choosing the right kiosk lockdown solution is incredibly important to make the Android lockdown effectual.

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