What is Windows 10 Kiosk Mode: A Fundamental Elaboration

3 min readFeb 24, 2020
What is Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

Windows 10 kiosk mode has multiple industrial use cases that effectuate self-service processes, enhance customer experience, improves data security, and increases employee productivity at large. Several organizations across the world are using Windows 10 devices and some of the most prominent industries are computer software, IT services, healthcare, education, government and financial services. Powered with multiple benefits such as universality, enhanced data security, Cortana assistant, identity management, scalability and flexibility, Windows 10 devices are being rapidly adopted by SMBs as well as larger organizations.

What is Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

Lockdown of Windows 10 devices into kiosk mode using kiosk software is a way that enables companies to have enhanced control and governance over the Windows devices. Basically, when companies want their Windows 10 devices to be used for a specific business-related purpose only, they prefer locking them down into kiosks using remote software.

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When a Windows 10 device is turned into a kiosk, the following things are implemented:

Single or multi-app kiosk mode lockdown of Windows 10 devices: The Windows 10 devices are locked into either single or multi-app kiosk mode. This means that the device users/employees can use/access only the app(s) pre-selected and published by the company IT admin.

The Windows 10 devices can be used as digital signages: Depending on the business requirements, the company IT admin can remotely lock down the Windows 10 devices and publish a particular message/image or multimedia content that can be shown in a loop on the locked devices.

Lockdown of Windows 10 devices into kiosk browser: The IT admin can lock down the Windows 10 devices with a kiosk browser for browsing websites for work, education and business. This customizable browser gives access to the internet in a controlled and managed environment.

Management and security of Windows 10 devices: Turning Windows 10 devices into kiosk mode using Windows 10 kiosk software implies that the company IT admin will be able to remotely manage, monitor and secure the devices with the right set of security policies and management features for enhanced productivity.

Data and device usage restrictions in Windows 10 kiosk mode: Lockdown of Windows 10 devices into kiosk mode automatically restricts the users/employees from performing any other personal tasks on the devices. It also prevents any sort of tampering with device settings, hardware buttons, and features.

Benefits of Windows 10 Kiosk Mode (Windows 10 Kiosk Software)

In several use cases, Windows 10 kiosk devices are used to foster an environment of self-service wherein customers are allowed to find specific information or to take particular actions. Some examples can be ATM or weight-measuring machines, self-service kiosks at banks, ticketing kiosks at public places and so on.

In a business scenario, however, the requirements will vary and here the kiosk solution for Windows 10 devices provides multiple benefits like:

· Streamlined business operations

· Enhanced employee productivity

· Cost-efficient usage of data

· Better device performance

· Improved corporate data security

· Low maintenance and support costs

Windows 10 devices can be found at several places like Airports, Educational Institutes, Libraries, Hospitals, Hotel Reception, Bus Stands, Museums and Retail Stores. Scalefusion Windows MDM offers a robust Kiosk Software for managing and securing Windows 10 devices remotely, and its set of powerful features aims to resolve many of the daily IT challenges.

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